Curly Girl Hair


Rules For Beautiful Frizz Free Curls
1) Brushing is a big no-no! It causes curls to break apart and creates unwanted frizz. Toss the brush and embrace the extra wide toothed comb.
2) Don’t get too touchy feely with your hair! To keep frizz away, take a hands-off approach until it is totally dry. Then, refrain from touching your hair throughout the day.
3) A curly girl’s best friend? A treaty conditioner! – Hydrated curls are more manageable, soft and shiny and a great conditioner helps conquer frizz. Boost moisture by using a deep treatment once a week.
4) Curly hair often looks dull and not as shiny as straight hair. Light gets trapped inside the spirals and in ruffed curly cuticles but straight hair reflects light. Choose products that reduce frizz and add shine.
5) One size does not fit all. Not all curls love the same products. Some crave more moisture while others more frizz control. Some curls need more weight and others more bounce. Choose products that specifically target your curl’s special needs.
6) Put down the towel. The rough fabric of a typical towel ruffles the cuticle and creates frizz. Instead, gently scunch hair with a quality microfiber towel.
7) Let air dry when possible and only blow-dry using a diffuser on low or medium heat. Curly hair is extra vulnerable to damage from hot tools so minimize the use of curling and flat irons.
8) Avoid high alcohol content products and old-fashioned mousse that robs your curls of moisture.

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