Solutions For Every Curly Girl

The unique shapes, twists and turns of curly hair make it hard for your hair’s natural oils to distribute thoroughly and moisturize each strand. It becomes dry, dull and prone to frizz. The curl pattern also causes the cuticle to lift, weakening the cuticle over time, exposing the structure of the hair and leaving it vulnerable to damage and breakage.
Eufora’s Curl’n products let you work with, not against your curly hair to enhance, define and control. Each product is uniquely formulated that condition, hydrate and control frizz while improving flexibility and curl retention.
Curl’n provides important thermal protection and antioxidant benefits to prevent damage and improve the strength and elasticity of the hair.


Solutions For Every Curly Girl

About Curly Hair

Curly hair is a true gift. Whether it’s wavy, curly or coily, more than haft of all women have some form of natural curl. There is nothing more gorgeous than a healthy head of bouncy curls. Curly hair comes with a few difficult challenges. It can be unpredictable from day-to-day and curly girls become frustrated with unruly curls that won’t behave. Brute force doesn’t work and hot tools can only make the problem worse. The quest to find the perfect solution becomes a curly girl’s greatest challenge 1398142239502.jpg”>image

Cosmetics with a conscience for the skin!

SST CosmeticsSST  COSMETICS made here in CANADA

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Parabens are used as preservatives in many cosmetic and personal care products,including make-up. Parabens have been found to weakly mimic estrogens in animal studies due to the fact that parabens easily penetrate the skin. This raises health concerns because of the link between the hormone estrogen and breast cancer. There are many questions and conflicting scientific studies about the effects of low-level estrogen in humans, and is continually being monitored. SST cosmetics made a choice to use paraben free formulations. They use high levels of antioxidants to help preserve their products the same manner that parabens would. SST cosmetics are paraben free, talc free, and free of harsh chemicals. You can rest easy knowing you are using safe cosmetics! SST cosmetics are made here in Canada. At Creative Look were excited to carry SST cosmetics. Right here in your Neighborhood. 128 Lipton st.
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Avoid products with Petrolatum and Mineral Oil!

Avoid products with Petrolatum and Mineral Oil which can clog the follicle and result in premature hair loss. Scalp Rescue is a treatment for fine and thinning hair that helps keep the hair. Scalp Rescue delivers a maximum dose of Eufora’s ProAmino Peptide Complex. It works above below the scalp to revitalize, balance and protect, creating a environment for healthy hair to grow and develop. For best results use Eufora HERO for Men styling products which contain the ProAmino Peptide Complex. These products can be purshased at Creative Look 128 Lipton st. in Your Wolseley Neighbourhood. 204-772-0361.

What you should know about your cosmetics

photo3Did you know there are harmful chemicals in most cosmetic lines. Even the ones that claim they are mineral based. They put fillers like talc because it is cheaper than say zinc. Talc is very drying to the skin. It is also an irritate to the skin. l only know of one line that is mineral base and only uses beneficial minerals in their product. It is not tested on animals and is glutton-free. It is also Canadian made. That is SST Cosmetics and we sell it at Creative Look Hair Salon 128 Lipton st. Winnipeg 204-772-0361.